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No-one’s perfect, I’ve got taggage…The seriously spunky Ann from Velvet Lava (note to self: why is this gal not on my blogroll?) has tagged me to participate in this erm, tag, wherein I answer some questions about ME. I’ve already given my vague opinion on tags yet I can’t help but do them every time; I think I just love any excuse to talk about myself (hey, why else would I blog?) Hopefully I give you something new and interesting, although I’m afraid it’s not likely. Ooh she likes butter and Nigella and Rent. Yawn. Those of you expecting food, either waltz on past to the post below about raw vegan salads and pumpkin muffins, or wait patiently for the next installment.

What was I doing 10 years ago? Ten years ago – 1998 – I would have just turned twelve. I imagine I would still have been mourning Geri “Ginger Spice” Halliwell departing the Spice Girls. I loved the Spice Girls fervently, and still look back on them with fondness for that reason. I wore a black ribbon in my hair for a week after Geri left, and often cried myself to sleep listening to Viva Forever. I was an interesting child. Pursuits of note – writing my own makeshift Baby Sitters Club books (I was too young to know about fanfic) reading Dolly magazine, doing regular ballet, tap, jazz, folk and contemporary dance lessons, buying clothes from charity shops and dreading any PE classes at school. Gosh, I can’t imagine why I didn’t have a boyfriend. Well, at least I had Girl Power.

Five snacks I enjoy: Kiwifruit, miso soup, Twisties, white chocolate, anything buttered.

Five things on my to do list: Only five? First of all would be to simply take up less space…oh I’m not obese by anyone’s standards but it would be nice to have thighs that I’m not in constant trepidation of. Secondly: To save enough money/win the lottery with Tim to go over to England and whoop it up round Europe. Thirdly, and you know about this, to come back to NZ and start a fabulous coffee shop from which I can write my fabulous cookbook. Fourthly: Start reading American Psycho for my American Lit paper next term even though I’m too scared to start it. It has an R18 sticker on it! A book! Fifthly, if there is such a word, to keep our room tidy. Or at least keep it tidy till Mum’s visit this weekend. The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step, don’tcha know.

Five things I would do if I was a billionaire: (1)Pay Warner Brothers whatever it takes to get Idina Menzel to do a gig in New Zealand. They haven’t even put her CD in the shops here! We exist! Maybe I’d put the hard word on The White Stripes to come back here too. (2) Make sure my family – both our families in fact – were totally cosy and comfortable for life. (3) Stop stressing about saving for England. (4) Buy lots and lots of food and nice kitchenware and COOK LIKE MAD! (5) Buy a whole ton of cats from an animal shelter. Oh the things I could do with lots of money – fund diabetes research, give to charity, buy Dad a nice car, buy Nigella’s love…

Five jobs I’ve had: I don’t think I’ve even had five. Okay, well my first job was when I left school for my Gap year in England, where I was general whipping-girl at a performing arts school. I did matron stuff (getting kids to bed) teacher stuff (tutoring 8 year olds in grammar and things) labour stuff (painting the set for shows) warden stuff (name ticking, lunch duty, supervising swimming) big sister stuff (getting lollies and stuff for kids from Tesco) bartender stuff (working on the bar during shows) and all manner of things. Since coming back to NZ I’ve worked in a German bakery (where I never could balance my till correctly) and now work in a social marketing firm which manages organisations like Smokefree, Sunsmart, Feeding our Futures and Problem Gambling.

Five of my bad habits: Okay: bloody-mindedness, chronic untidiness, extreme nervousness, a tendency to binge-eat and a very bad case of over-thinkery.

Five places I’ve lived: In a way I’ve only ever lived in my house in Otaua (an hour from Auckland, two from Hamilton) because that is where I grew up and my parents have never moved from there. But; for two years I lived during the week in Hamilton at boarding school, then I lived for a year in Tring, England, and I’ve flatted for the past two and a half years in Wellington.

Five people I’m-a pass this on to: I always hate this bit because people either have already been tagged or vehemently hate being picked for it. Well, tough.

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8 thoughts on “Tag Hag

  1. Kay says:

    Glad to know my impending arrival has some tidy implications for you… Soo looking forward to arriving safely in Welly and meeting you for lunch on Saturday. Weather does not look promising for flying. Glad to know Mark gets a car and we get to live comfortably off the benificence of your (as yet) non-existant millions.


  2. Tim says:

    Twisties! When I was in Italy in year 11 I bought a packet of twisties — they were exactly the same, package design and all, only they were called Fonzies. True story.


  3. Adam says:

    Wow the Spice Girl thing totally brought me back. I feel like I should go roller skaing right now or something.It’s cool learning not food related stuff about everyone, however I never would of guessed you get nervous, you seem at ease here, like the Bob Marley of food.Should I know what a Twisty is? All I think of are those things that tie up plastic bags.


  4. Laura @ Hungry and Frozen says:

    Sarah: I concur 🙂Mum: Looking forward to seeing you tomorrow! Don’t worry, there’ll be millions, for sure. KJ:Sweet as 🙂Tim: LOL. It’s funny how things pop up with different names overseas.Adam: They’re little puffs of air bubbles, sodium and yellow food colouring…sooooo addictive 🙂“The Bob Marley of food?” Compliment of the year! 🙂


  5. Linda F says:

    Laura, I always read your ‘tags’ and want to repeat everything you say in your ones for mine so don’t bother!!!!! I too can be ambivalent about them but will make an effort this time:)


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