It Might As Well Rain Until September


Sorry to keep whining about the weather, but give me a break. I’m probably going to start growing gills soon. Just a quick post about nothing to say that uni assignments are keeping me seriously busy and camera woes are keeping my photos sadly unusable.
In other news, hot damn the Olympic opening ceremony was mind-blowing. Say what you like about its political leanings, but China can really organise. The sycronisation of the dancers was ridiculous. How adorable were those little girls? And the children of the 56 ethnicities? (I love me some PC pandering come Olympic season.) And how about those fireworks? (I’m guessing anyone on the organising commitee who dared to utter “carbon footprint” was dealt with swiftly and ruthlessly.) And don’t even get me started on the slightly incongruous presence of one Sarah Brightman, who was sporting some intense hair extensions. The whole thing didn’t even start until shortly after midnight here in New Zealand, and because we were roughly 3997th on the list of countries walking on I wilted before I got the chance to see them. Not that I was that bothered, I’m far more interested in seeing all the little countries that you only hear about at this time (ironically, I’m sure there are people out there saying “Oh yeah, New Zealand! You only ever see them at the Olympic opening ceremony!”)
I got an A on an essay about the cultural relevance of the Spice Girls and their biography’s contribution to social history. Somewhere in the ether my ten-year-old self is crying “VINDICATION!”

On a “no day but today” whim, and because it was much better value than in the shops, I bought myself the RENT coffee table book off Fishpond. It arrived on Wednesday, but I forced myself to keep it in its plastic shrinkwrap until after I submitted an essay due yesterday. It was worth waiting for – what a stunning book. Astounding photos, the full libretto, interviews, a real celebration of Jonathan Larson’s work. I found out things I never knew (such as in the Life Support meeting scene, three of the characters are named for friends of his that died of AIDS) and saw photos that I never knew existed.

So, this weekend is going to be more or less dedicated to schoolwork, however, I might be able to fit some baking in there somewhere…

8 thoughts on “It Might As Well Rain Until September

  1. Linda F says:

    Yep, uni work gets the better of you some days doesnt it! Well done on the A!!!!!Cold and rainy here today too, never mind, I have the company of a really riveting text book on organisational communication that I have to read in order to review…….dull fodder for a dull day!


  2. lynz.odyssey says:

    Meanwhile, in SUNNY, but cold (20oish) Tardun, I am about to go horse riding LOL. I was going to help one of the Brs plant 10,000 trees (as you do) but he has enough girls to help this morning and no more room in the truck. The things one does when house work is awaiting – similar procrastination to essay writing LOL. Watched the Olympic opening for 2 1/2 hrs before walking home at the end of my duty. I just know I will see the main excerpts a millionty times before it finishes LOL. Go NZ for the Bledisloe Cup tonight – would be great to stick it to the Aussies again – will be keeping every thing crossed (that is if I am able to after my ride LOL). Have a good weekend. Did you get the steamed pudd recipe?


  3. Kay says:

    One of the following statements is correct, in anticipation of your whirlwind homecoming return-trip next weekend: (a) I have tidied all my junk, accumulated since about April, from your bedroom.(b) I have bought a pickled pork the size of a small cat. (c) It has stopped raining Maybe, the other two statements could be correct by next weekend too. Congratulations on your A for placing the Spice Girls in their social history context. Vindication indeed. All that money spent on Spice Girls merchandise has had an educational payoff afterall. Watched the Olympic opening and was equally impressed with the precision – so many billions to choose from to get it right. I’m always mindful that the entire population of NZ is less than the margin of error in ….say, a survey of Scrabble players in Beijing. I was, somewhat churlishly, disappointed that there was no tribute to China’s cultural contribution to the world of the “Chinese takeaway”. Visions of illuminated, perfectly synchronised wontons floating around the the stadium – or noodles at the very least. Good luck with the rest of your assignments. Am going to try your tumeric baked potatoes idea for dinner tonight.


  4. Laura @ Hungry and Frozen says:

    Linda: Hope your study goes well too, and thanks 🙂Lynn: LOL 20degrees would be sheer luxury right now! And yes, I did get the recipe – thought I emailed you back. Anyrate, it looks delish!Mum: Floating wontons would have been genius! If statement (b) is correct, I could help deal with it! Really looking forward to seeing everyone next week. 🙂


  5. Adam says:

    So the Spice Girls had a positive effect on our culture? Hmm well I guess they did empower girls right?Sorry to hear about your constant bombardment of rain. It certainly can’t go on for that much longer. Remember to pack your swimmies 🙂I look forward to yet another chocolate cake later this week 🙂 And I’m glad you liked my post, I had a feeling you appreciate underdogs too.


  6. Glossy says:

    The chinese freak me out with their precision, it isn’t normal. Mind you they are probably so in fear of what might happen to them if they move at the wrong time! Congrats on the essay.I bet the Rent book is great, I still get teary when I think about Jonathan Larson dying before it became so famous.


  7. Elle says:

    This is the one time I missed the opening ceremonies. Damn! I’d have stayed up to see NZ!Spice Girls, you say? And an A? You should be a lawyer, if you’re that convincing, hehe!Sorry about all the rain! We’ve had it for about a week now, and it’s enough.


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