Portfolio and Freelancing

Hire Me (Laura Vincent) To Write For You! 

I have been freelance writing on and off since 2007 and am currently extremely available to fulfill your needs in that area. My experience ranges from digital copywriting for government health campaigns to restaurant reviewing to an exhaustive recipe archive for an enormous dairy company and in 2013 I had a cookbook published by Penguin, while maintaining this food blog the entire time.

Things I’m good at:

  • Being enthusiastically generous, warm, and creative yet still more or less realistic when talking about your product/event/quaint small town/etc.
  • Travel writing
  • Reviews
  • Interviews
  • Coming up with recipes out of nowhere
  • Taking your existing copy and making it more exciting yet straightforward. Got a cocktail list that uses the word “yummy” too many times? Got a website for your business that is written so vaguely that no one actually knows what you’re selling? Need more general flourish? I can help you!
  • I have ADHD specializing in executive dysfunction so I probably won’t invoice you till at least six months after the job is completed, and you just can’t buy that kind of added value.

Publications and media that I’ve written for include:

  • Cuisine Magazine
  • The Sunday Star-Times
  • BUST Magazine
  • The Toast
  • Vice
  • The Spinoff

Examples of what I can do for you:

Approach me:

Send me a message at laura@hungryandfrozen.com to discuss your ideas or (honestly) if you just PayPal me some cash using the same email address that would be particularly amazing.