About Hungry and Frozen

hungryandfrozen.com began inauspiciously, with me simply writing about whatever it was I’d been cooking. In the ten and a half years that have passed, it has evolved…very little, to be honest. Me, on the other hand – well.

This blog has seen me through various careers, orientations, achievements, aesthetics, diagnoses, and blog layouts. In 2012 I got a cookbook deal with Penguin and I thought that was the end point, but it turns out it wasn’t even the middle – more like a solar system, enormous and all-encompassing but when you zoom out it’s really just part of an even bigger universe, and obscured by all the thousands of other galaxies.

Where are we at now? Well I’ve moved the entire blog over here to WordPress for reasons that I genuinely can’t remember now but I think it had something to do with a feeling of creative stagnation probably closely linked to over-tiredness; I’ve gone vegan; I’m encouraging you to sign up to receive blog posts sent to your inbox; and I’ve started a Patreon.

Till I work out how to make what happens next actually happen, all I can do is to humbly ask that you continue to stick around with me, and the very best food blog on earth.