Welcome to my blog!

Aka, an outlet for my desire to talk about food, or the ultimate procrastination tool.
I thought long and hard and asked for the brutally honest opinion of those around me before getting started with this – for one thing, does the world need another food blog? There are millions! With really classy photographs as well! What on earth do I have to offer the world?

For one thing I think the perspective of a student living on a budget could be interesting. Okay, so not every student’s budget allows for pink peppercorns, cardamom pods and Boyajian orange oil but…For another thing, when I was living overseas I loved writing about what I had been up to and emailing it out to friends and family who were, to my surprise and delight, only too happy to hear what I had to say (at great length more often than not – as some wit said, “If I’d had more time I’d have written a shorter letter.”) As I am flatting in Wellington now and going to uni, there isn’t so much call for me to send out massive epistles, so perhaps this blog can be a natural transition – presuming people are interested in what I have been having for dinner (and trust me, I’ll tell you about it anyway.)

Anyway, my hopes for this blog is that people will actually read it, that it will be fun to read, and that it will bring something new to the world of cooking blogs, without being an extended love letter to Nigella Lawson (I use non-Nigella cookbooks sometimes!). The title itself is a little tongue in cheek – there was a long period of time last year where pretty much all we ate was rice, but things are easier now that we are in a slightly less dodgy flat. It is also a line in a song from one of my favourite musicals, Rent, (I don’t know why, but I am always embarrassed to admit I love this) and seems to embody the whole student aesthetic rather snappily.

Cooking dinner is certainly one of the things I look forward to most (interjection from Tim in a hopeful voice: “apart from coming home from work to see me?”) and, as Nigella Lawson (well, who else?) says in Feast, “How we eat and what we eat lies at the heart of who we are – as individuals, families, communities.”

When it comes down to it, what I have been up to lately and what I have been cooking are often the same thing.

And thus, my entry into the world of blogging begins.

2 thoughts on “Welcome to my blog!

  1. Kay says:

    Looking forward to reading your work again…although this blog isn’t a procrastination device to avoid studying for exams, is it? Ah well, at least it is a productive one. Best wishes for your blog.


  2. Nana says:

    Dear Laura, just love your Blog site. Realise I have had withdrawals from your writings since you returned from overseas. Looking forward to reading your next entries. love and hugs,


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