Hey Hey, Chai Chai

Yes, that is a slightly forced Neil Young reference in the title.

Nana kindly emailed me a recipe for some delicious sounding Chai spiced cookies, which I tried out this afternoon. I have had Chai tea before (as you know from previous posts) and I absolutely love its aromatic warmth. It is funny because I was just thinking about how Chai would make a great flavouring for something when I got the email from Nana. Doo dee doo doo (twilight zone theme, etc)
The recipe gave a blueprint for Chai flavouring – a heady combination of ground cinnamon, cardamom, cloves and white pepper. Unfortunately I didn’t have the cardamom like I thought, so my biscuits weren’t quite what the recipe specified, but were still fantastic, and pleasingly complementary to a mug of hot Chai tea.
Above: Cookies, straight from the oven…with the malevolent black beans lurking in the background…
Above: Cookies and Chai…I was trying, not altogether successfully, to imitate the photography in posh food magazines. I should point out that I never store or serve my bickies like this.

They tasted seriously good together though. Will definitely be making these again – thanks Nana!

The black beans (sent to me by Mum, by the way) ended up in a sort of loose Mexican style dinner, as you can see below. I love how they look more like gleaming beads than something actually edible.

Above: Dinner. I sauteed an onion and some garlic, tossed in some cumin and coriander seeds, browned the mince, added the mild chilli from a jar, paprika and a little cocoa for kick, biffed in beans both black and frozen, stirred in a tin of tomatoes and some water and let it simmer for half an hour. I served it over rice and it was really good – I just wish I’d had some fresh coriander to go with.
We ate this while watching the Christmas special of Outrageous Fortune on our DVD, the one where they go camping…it made me want to go to Awhitu so bad! Roll on summer! (And once again, no, TV3 isn’t paying me for free advertising of their show. I wish…)

2 thoughts on “Hey Hey, Chai Chai

  1. Nana says:

    Laura, you must have used a big spoon to measure!!! The first time I made them I got 99, yes 99!They really are so more-ish. Ration yourself girl.Have your site now on Desktop, it is a must see every day.


  2. Kay says:

    Hi there, Was hoping for something tasty to read tonight – you must be busy. I also have your site on my desk top for easy access. Loved the Neil Young reference.


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