As Hamlet would say: "Fie upon’t!"

Tim’s camera spat the dummy (and Tim is all, “now that it’s not working it’s my camera, huh?”) and all the photos I took yesterday have disappeared off the memory stick so…no photos. An expletive-inducing situation.

I had all sorts of things planned, too – I made the birthday biscuits from Nigella’s How To Eat yesterday after work, and took some actually rather good photos of them. I’m tempted to make them again, to try and recreate the magic, but in the meantime, if you want to see what they look like, this blogger made them also and has some awesome pix. This particular blog is what you might call a ‘touchstone’ (much as I dislike the buzzwordiness of that term) for me in matters concerning How To Eat, and makes for great reading, being that I am such a card-carrying Nigella boffin.

At any rate, the biscuits were very easy to make, and rolling them out wasn’t a chore. I used the star cutter that Mum got me from Ballantynes in Christchurch for my 17th birthday, and a heart cutter that I bought in a weak moment off Trademe, when I could have got it from the $2 shop or the Warehouse or something… They look quite beautiful and taste delicious, all warm with caramel and cinnamon. Though it pains me to admit it, I think they are actually far superior to the cut out biscuits that Nigella champions heavily in other books of hers. Ah well, it’s not like she’s reading this anyway…

The other thing, which unfulfilled is somehow is even more injurious to my soul, was that I had a photo of steak from last night’s dinner (we went to La Casa Pasta for a friend’s going-away) and I was going to caption it with “I am a pretty piece of flesh” (from Romeo and Juliet…my excitement over puns is a little worrying, I suppose.)

Camera: I hate hell, all Montagues, and thee. Yes, I realise I’m talking to a camera.

Back to studying…the Shakespeare exam ain’t going to pass itself.

One thought on “As Hamlet would say: "Fie upon’t!"

  1. Kay says:

    In case you don’t eat or take photos again before your exam……. Good Luck – and if all else fails when your mind goes blank mid-essay – you could always write about references to food in Shakespeare….


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