"To Huevos Rancheros, and Maya Angelou"

Yes, I realise referencing Rent in the title of my blog, at the bottom of my blog, and in the latest post of my blog may seem a little excessive, but let me tell you, I didn’t just make Huevos Rancheros for dinner tonight because they appear in a song from this musical. It is the reason why I made it the first time though…

After our weekend of excess I felt like something quick, but packed full of vegetables. I first made Huevos Rancheros from a recipe in The Accidental Vegetarian, which turned out wonderfully, indeed, exactly like the sort of dish you might sing about while doing scissor-kicks on a tabletop in a show of defiance against the “yuppie scum.” (What better way?)

Tonight I made it without a recipe, as I think it is open to interpretation depending what you have in the fridge. My salsa was made of capsicum, onion, fennel, celery, and chili, all of which I simmered together. Once it looks hot enough, carefully break in a couple of eggs, clamp on a lid, and leave a couple of minutes till the hot sauce has cooked the eggs. Genius!

Above: You can’t actually see the softly poached egg under all that salsa but it’s there. I sprinkled chopped coriander over because I think the flavours suit. When we last had this, I made a batch of Nigella’s cornbread to go with which Tim and I ate, buttering each slice as we went and dipping it into the tomato-ey sauce. It was a fantastic, and natural combination but I was looking for something faster and less likely to be ending up buttered. I couldn’t find any rice, so used my usual fall-back-carb of bulghur wheat, which couldn’t be easier, if somewhat unusual paired with this!

From tomorrow I enter my Thoroughly Modern Millie phase as a working girl, however unlike Millie I am not working simply to find a husband. Our student loan payments end this week so from now on I’ll be working 9-5 (what a way to make a living) and paying things like rent (oh how we have come full circle tonight) solely from whatever I earn. I realise that for many, many people this is just life, but for a uni student it is a comparitively big step…

One thought on “"To Huevos Rancheros, and Maya Angelou"

  1. Anonymous says:

    Oh to have a job to be able to pay rent… Used to dream of working to rent – will be lucky to be able to rent shoebox in middle o’road (lucky I wear size 10 shoes LOL). Never mind the Shakespear – bring on Monty Python I say. Heh heh


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