Fa La La La La!

The First of December today! Tis officially the season to be jolly now – not October, as many soulless chain department stores would have you believe. This means that our $2 shop mini Christmas tree can be displayed now – and it is, perched aloft on our microwave (which is perched aloft on one of the fridges, incidentally – we have space issues in our kitchen), helpfully absorbing radiation everytime we defrost some mince.

Guess who we saw yesterday?

Above: Becks on the big screen! He was actually on the field in reality too, but LA Galaxy (lined up here during half time to recieve a pounamu ‘trinket’ as the commentator clumsily put it) were on the complete opposite side of the field to us.

Above: Ohyeahtherewassoccertoo. But Beckham!!

Just kidding. I admit freely – well, I do loathe sports – that to me last night’s Phoenix/Adelaide game was a mere precursor to the Beckham game tonight, but in fact I really got into it, and have to say soccer is faaaar more exciting to watch than rugby and more elegant, too. We lost in the end – but it was rather thrilling to watch, and great fun to be part of the record crowd turnout for soccer in New Zealand (around 18,000 – Beckham was probably laughing his head off that this was the biggest crowd we’ve had.) So, am something of a convert to The Beautiful Game – but remain unwavering in my belief that Sport = Bullying.

Anyway, because this is a food blog, and not some kind of psychological diary for how being forced to do sport at school has scarred me for life, (I’m not kidding though, I think it might have…) I’d better get back on topic. Have just picked up my enormous chunk of ham from the butcher, and am going to start cooking all manner of things in advance for tomorrow night. Needless to say, I’m very, very excited!

One thought on “Fa La La La La!

  1. Kay says:

    Hmmmm First indication of addicton is denial (“I’m not really a sporting person…….,” quoth she.) Still,while you can proudly assert that you took a back pack with a Baby-Sitters Club book and writing paper/pen on the Standard Four Cross Country – in case you got lost and needed to fill in the time- there will always be hope for you. Who’d have thought that the (Std 4 again) obsession with the Spice Girls would end up at the Cake Tin. And, in defense of sport (there is no “I” in sport!)is there not bullying in the rather more high brow form of sweaty-teamwork (ballet)such as ….. SwanLake? Cinderella? Nutcracker? Sleeping Beauty? Enjoy your festive repast. Glad to hear you have decked your halls/microwave.


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