"Up With My Tent!"

…so spake Shakespeare’s Richard III before launching into battle with Richmond, he of the perfectly coiffed hair and charming Welsh accent – at least in the BBC version.

It is also what I would have been saying today had it not been raining intermittently, followed by an icy blast of clattering hailstorms tonight. It is still bucketing down now. We managed to find a brief patch of sun in which to claim a patch of ground at the campsite, in the manner of the Outrageous Fortune Christmas Special – but in this weather I fear for the state of the tents which we left behind as a marker of our territory. Nevermind – being damp and uncomfortable is part of the many joys of camping.

In other news, I spent Boxing Day eating leftovers and reading the charming Anne of Green Gables,wishing resentfully all the while that my eyes were at least half as starry as the titular Anne’s are constantly made out to be. I hope everyone had a fabulous Christmas. As at least a third of my readership spent Christmas in my company, I know I can reply fairly confidently that yes, it was a great day. Actual blogging will ensue shortly, with lots of pictures of the “flesh and wine” that was consumed in enormous proportions.

I am, however, still stinging at the $80 that Pacific Blue charged me in overweight luggage fines…

3 thoughts on “"Up With My Tent!"

  1. Anonymous says:

    Eek those rogues charging you extra baggage!!!That must have been gutting! Especially as I am sure all the extra weight was because of all the lovely (foodie)things you were taking up north! You didnt try to bribe them with some of your goodies then?????Lindaxx


  2. Anonymous says:

    Hey There!!! I’m just bout to head out to have dinner down the road at a place called “The Waterford” where the specialty is Steak and Guiness Pie!! I AM HOME!! lol feels weird not to be taking a camera. Hope camping is going well. Will find out tomorrow I guess. Can’t wait to see you. Love ya babeTim


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