"A Mighty Win" or, "All Your Bar Tab Are Belong To Us."

Just a brief note to let you know that with our pooled knowledge of “German wine, turpentine, Gurtrude Stein,” Tim, Paul and I won ANOTHER pub quiz. We came first at this one (held at the fairly lamentable student bar at uni) and won the slightly unsettling prize of a $100 bar tab (yes, another one), a couple of used looking CDs and bumper stickers from Kiwi FM (is that thing still going?) and…a large box of Watties Cup a Soup Chicken and Corn sachets. I’m surprised they didn’t give us a pallet of loo roll. But seriously, all free stuff is great fun, and we were amazed that we’d won again – that’s $200 worth of plonk in six days. I’m not so crash hot at maths but I’d say we were running at a profit!

Erm…since we decided we never really wanted to go back to that particular bar, we finished the tab last night. Let me tell you, $100 goes a loooong way between three people. I’m feeling alright this morning, but no less terrified about my 4 hour photography class at today – the teacher makes me very, very nervous. Did I mention she was humourless? Rigid? And I still haven’t managed to tell her that Aperture is completely over my head – and yes, I’ve read the instructions for the camera!

In other news, spare a thought for Emma, who has fractured an elbow (her dishwashing elbow, apparently) while falling down one of the many precarious staircases that grace our city. We smirked at the time because she fell over while txting, but it really isn’t a fun thing to happen to anyone.

More food soon! Including the first casserole of the year – the weather here is suspiciously Wintery…

3 thoughts on “"A Mighty Win" or, "All Your Bar Tab Are Belong To Us."

  1. Kay says:

    Comforting thoughts to Emma – I guess it’s her texting elbow too. Can you sneak the Cuppa Soups into any of your cooking? What woould Nigella do? Can you take a tupperware container and fill it up with individual shots of sherry for culinary purposes and sneak them out? This is the price you pay, of course, for your combined intelligence.


  2. lynz.odyssey says:

    OK, now instead of keeping your kidneys covered (your own LOL)it sounds as though you are going to have to watch your liver as well!!! You may have to be handicapped when next we play trivial pursuits but go the team! Received a parcel of goodies from Viv, Lorne and Noel today for birthday – all NZ orientated and perfect in so many ways. Give my best wishes to Emma, I commiserate with her having to give up doing dishes? for a period of time LOL.Love Lynn


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