To Be Sure, To Be Sure

Happy Saint Paddy’s! Some of you (cough*mother*cough) may be pleased to know that instead of dressing in green and going out on the slosh like everyone else, I am stuck here, blinking behind the computer working on my photography assignment. I could not be more nervous about handing it in tomorrow, the only thing more sobering than that is the thought of the assignment I have to do after that (first photos in by Friday, if you please!) not to mention all my other essays for English and Media that are looming ominously!

But there is always time for a little seasonal silliness.

Above: Nigella’s Chocolate Guinness Cake from Feast. An obvious – some might say mainstream choice, indeed – I’m sure versions of this will pop up all over the blogosphere – and yet so appropriate. Not to mention unarguably delicious. I’ve made this cake before, and it was every bit as simple as I remember – just melt and mix and pour and bake and then inhale, gratifyingly, the chocolatey, spicy scent it imparts while in the oven. By the way, that is one of Tim’s t-shirts in the background (which he obligingly held up for me). I’ve noticed that photos seem to look better with an uninterrupted wall of colour behind, unfortunately there are no uninterrupted spaces in our flat.

Right, back to the assignment. I made soup last night with THREE different types of lentils in it, but that will have to wait for a time when I am less frazzled and can give such an exciting dish the reverence it deserves.

5 thoughts on “To Be Sure, To Be Sure

  1. lynz.odyssey says:

    Faith and begorra, top o the day to ya!!! Very impressive cake. My green contribution to the day was making basil pesto from my own basil (gown in a hanging basket)! Also managed to use the new kitchen whizz – all good. Dropped off most of pesto as an Easter gift to workmate’s family. Also did a double batch, Never Fail Choc Cake (the one that your mother took five goes to get right as a child!!) for one of the girls who had a birthday. Will get to see you on the 17th April hopefully – flying into Wtgn abt midday. All the best for the photo assignment.Love Lynn


  2. Kay says:

    My contribution to the Oirish patron saint’s day…..? Got the class to look up Ireland on the map and shamrock and leprechaun in the dictionary …. Oh and I partook of a basket of green lollies handed round at choir practice. Was expectin’ to see a review of the cricket test on Saturday (a la your soccer review last November).


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