Pink Goes Good With Green


Kay – the one who is not my mother – hit the nail on the head. The title of my last post was a pun on a quote from the musical Wicked. The long explanation can be seen on youtube in this video of Kristin Chenoweth as Galinda singing ‘Popular’ to Idina Menzel’s Elphaba. The short explanation – Galinda puts a pink flower in the green girl, Elphaba’s hair, and says “pink goes good with green” – I think it’s supposed to be symbolic of their friendship too (‘scuse my geekiness…) Not a real post today, because I’ve squandered all my time on wine, women and song; oops I mean I’ve been doing uni work and frantically writing my column for Tearaway magazine. And now I have to take off to town even though it’s bitterly cold outside because there is a football game on with The Phoenix, remember them? The team who played David Beckham last December? Anyway, I don’t even have time to make sure this post is actually coherent! I’ll edit this properly when I get home, promise! Au revoir!

Update: We won! 1-nil vs the Mariners who are some team from Australia. They’re in “The League” though, and whatever this mysterious league is, apparently it’s quite prestigious and the Phoenix are the only NZ team on it. I have to say, football is more fun when it’s summer and…you’ve had a couple of red wines. Nevertheless it was a good time, even for a dyed-in-the-wool sports hater like myself.

While I have something resembling your undivided attention, may I direct it Helen Mirren-wards? I saw this post on Go Fug Yourself, a sassy blog dedicated to pointing out the lamentable flaws in celebrities wardrobes, they do however graciously concede when something is worn well. And oh my, how she wears a bikini well. In all seriousness, her cleavage is mesmerising.

Finally in this update…Tim and I have been watching The Johnny Cash Show DVD, it has amazing footage – a ridiculously young Bob Dylan harmonising with Cash on The Girl From The North Country…Tammy Wynette, with mind-bogglingly vertical hair singing Stand By Your Man…and a personal favourite of mine – Neil Young strumming a guitar and singing Needle And The Damage Done. It is a silencingly good performance. We seem to acquire DVDs in our sleep, our collection grows all the time, but I’m glad we got this one.

Next time – I went slightly mad this week and made chocolate cakes, unfortunately the pictures are of dubious quality but that’s what happens when the cakes barely sit still long enough to be photographed…

6 thoughts on “Pink Goes Good With Green

  1. Kay says:

    Was thinking of you at the soccer game this afternoon when it was hailing at home. At least I can visauylise you freezing in Wellington having seen where the Cake Tin stadium is. (You MUST approve of the culinary-inspired colloquial name for a sports stadium!). Back to work tomorrow – sigh. I’ve been working all holiday.


  2. Adam says:

    Wow you’ve been quite busy. That’s sweet that you are going to write an article for an actual magazine. Make sure we can all link to it or something. I want to be able to say ‘Hey I knew her BEFORE the awards’. And yup, that’ll happen with chocolate cakes 🙂 Oh and thanks for the carb comment. Glad you’re digging it.


  3. lynz.odyssey says:

    You and sport, like me and camping LOL. It is becoming a habit. Re football, have watched a couple of games now and cannot get the passing fwds LOL. Still prefer rugby!!! Sadly, I know some of the footy teams names already though.Re cooking- have been given a recipe for a licorice allsorts slice that you only melt the butter and mix, then chill – couldn’t be easier – oh and its iced with choc LOL. Something else I will let loose at Xmas.


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