The Dark Of The Matinee



Tim: That was amazing.
Me: Oh my gosh yes. I haven’t been this moved by a film since Rent.
Tim: *exasperated silence*

Well, since everyone else in the world is talking about it I might as well too…Just a quick post to say that we (myself, Tim, Emma, Paul, Scotty and Matt) went to see The Dark Knight when it opened here in New Zealand on Tuesday night…okay it was actually 5.30 in the afternoon but it was pitch black and howling with sleety wind so none of the excitement was lost. Anyway; WOW. I hate scary movies and go out of my way to avoid them, but this wasn’t so much scary as intense and brilliant. The hype is pretty well justified, I’d say. Heath Ledger was just electrifying as The Joker but it was eerie seeing him, so recently dead, 20ft tall across the screen. And Christian Bale is quite amazing as Batman/Bruce Wayne – darkly charismatic. Maggie Gyllenhaal I could take or leave, but Micheal Caine was as fun as ever. A very, very good movie.

In other housekeeping, I’ve just discovered that I have about 470 assignments and presentations due over the next three weeks so posting might be a little light. Or, you know, daily. I am also having…erm…camera issues…and clumsiness issues…and warranty issues (you join the dots) which is very depressing and might take a while to sort out, thus impinging on my already dubious ability to take blog-worthy photos.

You can find my articles (2 so far, another one on the way) for Tearaway magazine here, if you feel like wincing at my overeager attempts to sound down-with-the-kids, or indeed trying the recipes, which are quite good I think.

And I’m done. Cakes below. Not sure whether I’ll pop back in here or not at this stage, but have a good weekend!

11 thoughts on “The Dark Of The Matinee

  1. Anonymous says:

    Battening down the hatches at the moment. I’ll take your word for it about the movie. Not my kind of genre… at all. I remember when younger looking through the buttonhole in my cardigan at scary bits. Never seemed quite as frightening LOL. Going to wind up the heater this afternoon and catch up on some recorded programmes. At least they will be the ones that Clive will watch too. Thank you for the birthday wishes, was lovely to hear from you. Keep warm, cook up a storm..oops not quite the thing to say. It is squally at the moment, but IT (the storm of I dont know how long) is on its and hugs, Nana.PS looked up two teaspoons blog, and although found the background made it hard to read found it very interesting. See, I am branching out LOL


  2. Kay says:

    Ditto Nana’s description of the weather – and it is only going to get worse. Have been to town to stock up on comfort food, in this case, corned beef and a bottle of green ginger wine which is the best drink for a stormy winter’s night. Might even add a slosh of it to the corned beef to cover all bases. In the likely expectation that the power will go off, I think I’ll start soon. There’s rattling and rocking sounds outside – and I’m not sure the tv aerial will stay vertical for the entire proceedings. Sounds like an average day in Wellington I guess. Am wondering how the storm is affecting you in Wellinton – I see that Kelburn was mentioned in places with extra-heavy rainfall in Wellington yesterday. Good luck with the assignmnents.


  3. Anonymous says:

    Thought I would send another message whilst waiting for the Footie match on PRIME. Not having Sky is a pain. It isnt till 12.40am!!! So will play a few games of cards.LOL.The wind has quietened down quite a bit, maybe the eye of the storm. it is to come from south West now.Cant believe you have over 20,000 hits. World famous from Otaua. Must check up on your contribution to the magazine. Watched Nigella tonight. She is beautiful, and so unpretentious. And makes everything all look so easy, enough to try oneself.catch you soon, love and hugs, Nana


  4. Adam says:

    I knew you would like Batman. It wasn’t scary, but it had this dark, gloomy atmosphere. The amount of work they put in to create the mood was incredible.Good luck with your 470 assignments. Posting is a good break from homework, should you need it. And I guess cake would help too 🙂


  5. Kay says:

    Checking in again to let you know we survived the storm. The TV aerial is now at ground level, the tuis are going to be really bewildered when they try to perch in the banksia tree- the greater part of which is now lying against the garden gate… Completed the corned beef in a stockpot on the fireplace last night as power was off from 4pm -midnight. Threw all ingredients in pot and cooked and ate by candle and torch light. Had no water either because pump, of course, is electrical so no cleaning up afterwards. The debris in the kitchen, in daylight, is similar to the debris outside the house…. or a certain Kelburn student flat……? Julian and gf went to see Batman yesterday. He liked it too.


  6. Laura @ Hungry and Frozen says:

    Nana: Hope you weathered the storm okay. I spent quite a lot of time in the movie under my coat lol 🙂Mum: Sounds like it hit you really hard! Hope you manage to clean up alright. Was pretty rough here last night and is raining AGAIN today. Corned beef sounds delish 🙂Jen: Wow hi thanks for stopping by. Bale is very underrated 🙂Scotty: I guess I know this goss now after brunch :/ LOLAdam: Cheers and yeah, there was obviously a huge amount of thought (and money) going into that film. Amazing!


  7. diva says:

    i love michael cain! he’s a legend. o lucky you – i have yet to see the film but once my girlpal returns from her holiday trip it seems we’re making a date to go see it. thankfully, she’s chucking her boyfriend aside for some girl time 🙂RENT is genius! RENT is amazing. i’m glad you love it too. x


  8. Ann says:

    I loved this movie. Bale is my favorite Batman. Actually, I didn’t even like the Batman movies until the last 2 versions. It was bittersweet watching Heath act, very sad in many ways.My only bone to pick was the casting of Rachel – I thought Maggie G. was a poor replacement for the original Rachel – it just wasn’t good continuity with the original character at all. Still, LOVED the movie overall.


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