I’m flying down to Christchurch on business early tomorrow morning, and won’t be back till Monday afternoon. I was hoping to get a post out about the roast pork I made earlier this week (I even had a punny title ready, but I’ll not reveal all my cards at once) However, Tim and I went to see the ballet Don Quixote tonight and so real life is getting in the way of blogging, as it should. I actually took ballet lessons for about thirteen or so years – long after the point where my childbearing knees and womanly shoulders and inability to reeeally pirouette made it painfully clear that I would never have a career in it. But even when it was causing my self-esteem to plummet it was still the thing that made me happiest, and I was highly excited to be immersing myself in ballet again. Don Quixote was one of the few big ballets I’ve never seen before… and it was utterly fantastic. It has been a while since I’ve seen a Royal New Zealand Ballet production, I used to go all the time in the nineties, so there was only one name I really recognised in the company – Sir Jon Trimmer. If you’re not from New Zealand you may not know who he is, but he’s not just a ballet legend, he’s just…a legend. He has been dancing with the RNZB forever and got awarded an MBE before most of you were even born. It was such a treat to see him again, playing the titular Don with great aplomb. I didn’t know the story of the ballet and for some reason was expecting it to be really dark, but it couldn’t have been a perkier time. Stunning sets, constant hilarity, the classic happy ending with multiple fouettes…I highly recommend it.

So, how ridiculously exciting was the American election? I realise that I’m probably the squillionth blogger to comment on it now, but let it be said once more: “WOOHOO!” I couldn’t be happier that Obama won. But so confusing was their system of feeding through information (ie, “this just in: Obama takes the state!…..we predict”) that I thought actually McCain had it. During Obama’s speech I was literally standing on the couch, I couldn’t remain seated. I can’t imagine what it must have been like to actually be American at that moment. It was enthralling…amazing…wonderful. Disappointing though, was that Prop 8 passed…who are these people that vote for it – that think it’s right to suppress and take rights from people for no good reason? Baffles me beyond belief.

Today I voted for New Zealand’s upcoming election. It was my first time voting – last time I was in England and had a meltdown trying to do it over the interweb – and I must admit I got a unique thrill being there in the booth. I already knew which party I wasn’t voting for – unfortunately I suspect they’ll end up being the party in power – but I read up diligently on everyone’s policies prior to making my final decision. It was exciting to think that my voice is worth something, and that whatever happens, I’ve done my part. And I felt soooo deliciously grown up.

Above: Pistachios – the loveliest nut in The Pantry…Yesterday I recieved the sad news that one of the founding members of a tight-knit online cooking forum I am part of had died. She went by the name of Pistachio and will be dearly missed by many. I never met her – she lived in Spain – and didn’t actually “know” her as well as some but I know that her presence online – and now lack thereof – will not be forgotten soon.

14 thoughts on “Ch-ch-ch-ch-changes

  1. Kelly-Jane says:

    I love to watch a ballet at the theatre, it’s just fab! Have a good trip to Christchurch 🙂Lovely tribute to Pi, and fantastic picture of the pistachios, they just leap off the screen.


  2. Robin says:

    “Childbearing knees”? I don’t know you (at all!), but that made me wonder. Haha.The U.S. election was indeed an amazing thing, though if the economy hadn’t tanked McCain and (God help us) Palin could well have won. As for Prop 8, unfortunately the black and Hispanic turnout that so helped Obama also pushed that over the top. Those communities here are far more anti-gay than the rest of the population. (I live in Massachusetts, where gay marriage is legal. The sky still seems to be up.) And finally, yes, that’s a gorgeous nut photo.


  3. Kay says:

    …and now we have a change of government in NZ too. Glad you liked the ballet. Went to see ‘Phantom of the Opera’ last Sunday and was thrilled to see a bit of ballet in there too. Brought back many memories of thirteen years of trips to the ballet. Condolences for Pistachio. Hope the trip to Christchurch goes well.And…. ooops, the deleted mystery comment was mine. The corrected one is this one.


  4. Adam says:

    I had no idea Don Quixote was a ballet… I just thought it was a famous story of knight. Pretty cool though 🙂I’m with you on the Obama stuff. He has quite the rhetoric powers, especially when Porky the Pig was our president for the past 8 years 🙂


  5. Zo says:

    zomg, you’re in chch? I’M in Chch!!! lol…now I want to go see Don Quixote too! I’m slightly too poor though 😦 Mmm, pistachios are indeed the salt of the earth. Sad to hear about the loss though 😦


  6. mel p. says:

    the election here certainly was exciting — and believe me, we’re all incredibly excited for obama. the fact that prop 8 passed is ridiculous and many of us californians are very ashamed that something like that was even allowed to be on the ballot.


  7. Lyvvie says:

    Sorry you’ve lost a friend. It’s a weird feeling to know grief and yet not be there to express and share it. The internet has opened up the world and made it smaller and more intimate.I’m with you on Yay Obama and Boo prop 8. < HREF="" REL="nofollow">A friend of mine explained it brilliantly.<>I’ve not seen Don Quixote as a ballet, but I’m sure I’ve seen it on TV as an opera. Subtitled. I feel like uncultured swine now.


  8. Viv says:

    Doing the late night run here supporting daughter through the final stages of scholarship art. Hope Chch was fun. Saw lots of images of Don Quixote in Spain, sounds like a wonderful ballet.We loved The Phantom, just love going to the theatre.Hope full time work is to your liking! At least you have an interesting job!


  9. Laura @ Hungry and Frozen says:

    KJ: Thanks…and thanks 😀Glossy: Indeed 🙂Robin: Welcome to the blog, and don’t mind my ability to talk utter smack sometimes 😀 I’m from New Zealand but the whole US election thing was fascinating. Here we have one law for the whole country as opposed to areas – but I guess that’s because we’re so small 🙂Mum: You got to see Phantom – lucky! I was a bit miffed as I thought it might be a touring thing but it’s staying in Akl. Adam: Rhetoric power doesn’t even begin to cover it! The ballet is loosely based on the story…I think. Or something? LOL it was good anyway.Zo: I was on a bit of a whirlwind trip but yes, was definitely in Chch! They do quite cheap student tickets to the ballet, it’s worth splashing out occasionally 🙂 Om!Ap!: Thanks 🙂Linda: Thank you 🙂Mel P: Exactly – why is it even being contested? Lyvvie: You have a good point about the internet 🙂 And I read your friend’s post, also many good points! I can’t imagine what it would be like to actually be directly affected by such a stupid law. Don’t feel uncultured – I’ve never had a bento (or is that “had bento?” lol)Viv: Hope Hannah’s scholarship art goes alright – sounds a bit stressful! And hope you had a lovely time at Phantom – it has gorgeous music. Start full time on Monday 😀Ann: Yes and yes to both points 🙂


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