Recurring Steam

There was a half price sale at Briscoes last Saturday. Tim, Kieran and I trooped down there to idly have a look at any bargains…and walked out an hour later groaning with bags. One of my purchases was a pudding steamer, something I have been looking on Trademe for for a while now. I made Nigella’s Golden Syrup Steamed Pudding, from How To Be A Domestic Goddess which was unbelievably delicious and very easy. You mix up a fairly basic sponge batter, grease the pudding bowl and lid, put golden syrup and lemon juice in the bottom of the bowl, dollop over the batter and clip on the lid. Lower this into a pan of boiling water, cover, and let steam for about two hours. Couldn’t be easier and seriously, couldn’t be more yum. Unfortunately, there aren’t really that many recipes these days that call for a pudding steamer and oh, how I long to steam something…

Above: Golden Syrup Steamed Pud. Perfect for when it’s raining…which is every bloody day at the moment in Wellington!
I can’t remember what I actually cooked for dinner that night, (ie, the meat component) but I do remember what I made on the side – a wonderful, wonderful thing called Pan Haggerty which comes from The Accidental Vegetarian. I know that some blogs post recipes but I’m not sure whether or not you need permission or something so you don’t get sued. So, I won’t give you the recipe but I will say this: (slowly) You thinly slice up potatoes and an onion, layer it in an oven dish, dot with butter, bake, then top with cheese and grill. Pa-dah! So good…I might make it again tonight. The photo below is a bit rubbish (especially in the context of the standards of the rest of the photos) but I thought I’d include it as it seems to convey the golden warmth of the potato-ey, cheesey dish.
Above: Pan Haggerty. With a name like that, how could you resist?
By the way, this is what happened to the pudding. (not just Tim and me eating it though!Everyone except Emma – who is celiac- had some.)

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