Whole Lotta Pav

Last night’s dinner came about largely as a result of Tim deciding to clean out our freezer the other night. It hadn’t been touched since we moved in last November and was pretty feral. Anyway, he found some egg whites I’d frozen after making some ice cream all the way back in February! Also some spare ribs. In the interest of saving freezer space, I decided to defrost both overnight to play with. Yesterday morning, I marinaded the ribs in a pretty standard “bit of this, bit of that” fashion. Since it was out of my own head (but nothing revolutionary, mind you) I can safely tell you: 2 Tablespoons each of golden syrup, sesame oil, white vinegar, soy sauce all drizzled over the ribs in the roasting dish (lined with foil for ease of cleaning!) followed by a few shakes of cinnamon and some grated fresh ginger. I bought the ginger at Pak’n’Save the other night for 55 cents! And it smells unbelievably wonderful, really zingy and fresh, like sniffing a just-opened bottle of ginger beer. Tim, Kieran and I went into town because it was sunny (but we were fooled! It was also debilitatingly windy!) While sheltering in some shops from the cold we ended up buying two Jools Holland DVDs, the complete Black Books DVD, and Series 1 DVD of Outrageous Fortune, (don’t worry, there was a hefty sale) so…all was not lost.

I started making the pav when I got home, as the egg whites had defrosted just fine. The pav is gluten-free, which is good for Emma, and comes from Nigella Lawson’s Feast.

Above:Me, whipping up a storm. Those egg whites went HUGE!

I baked it on this great silicone baking sheet that Tim’s parents got me. It has useful circle measurements on it so i just filled in the one I wanted with all the marshmallowy eggwhites.

The baked pav was enormous!


I made a kind of pilaf thing to go with the ribs as I thought it might complement the flavours. I didn’t end up taking a picture thought because…we ate them too fast. They were soooo good!

Emma, Kieran, Tim and I had drinks and played Pictionary after dinner. That’s the kind of flat we are…after Tim and I whupped them (okay it was pretty close) and before I had drank too much red wine, I decorated the pav to Nigella’s specifications. I have to say, it’s one of the prettiest things I’ve ever made – as Twiggy on America’s Next Top Model would say, “The camera loves you!”

Above: The finished product. Pretty, no?

I actually think it is prettier than the last pav I made, Nigella’s chocolate Raspberry Pav from Forever Summer – What do you think?

Anyhow, we all ploughed through it. Including Kieran. YUM.

Above: Kdizzle dominates the pav.

One thought on “Whole Lotta Pav

  1. Kay says:

    Errrmmmm, hate to sound Mumsy, but….. do you not think it could be a good idea to tie your hair back when you are wielding an electric beater at full speed? One accidental head toss and you could ruin the entire pav. (Nothing worse than furballs in a pav.)


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