That’s Entertainment…

Just a quick post, to tide things over. Tim and I have been back in Wellington, at Hadfield specifically, for a couple of hours now – after saying goodbye to Mum and Dad and bonding with the kitties for one last time, we jumped on the bus which would take us on our distinctly uncomfortable, 10-hour trip back to the capital. There is lots to write about, but I’ll do that tomorrow. In the meantime, I thought I would let you know that Muse were absolutely mind-blowingly wondrous. This isn’t my own personal music-review blog, exciting thought though that may be, but I will divert briefly from the food for today. As words can’t describe adequately how excellent this concert was, I thought this might help:

Above: This photo, taken by Tim, pretty much sums up what the gig was like.
Above: And this neatly describes how we felt the entire time. Dad and Julian loved it too; Julian braved the mosh pit, while the rest of us enjoyed the fantastic view from our seats.
What the pictures don’t quite convey, however, is how unbearably WARM it was inside the stadium – by the end we were sweating like mules carrying barrels of tequila to Mexico. Isn’t it funny with big-name concerts – you spend all the time beforehand thinking “How soon is now?” And then when it actually is happening, it feels like you have been there forever, but also that you need to focus on every-single-second before it is all over, and then when it is over – did that really even happen? Maybe this is just me – when I do care to engage my brain I tend to overthink a situation…

Anyway, we are about to collapse into bed, but just so we remember this is a food blog, I boiled us up some pasta when we got back to the flat, into which I stirred a little butter (okay quite a bit) and grated over some fresh nutmeg. Instant comfort food, which is what the soul craves (even if the hips don’t) after a ten hour bus trip.

One thought on “That’s Entertainment…

  1. Kay says:

    Glad your week was a”Muse”ing – so to speak. Still living off the spoils of the week, here. Moroccan meatballs and Guinness chocolate cake, followed by Lynn’s chocolate flavoured cheeseballs… or… were they cheese-based chocolate balls….?Which came first, the chicken or the egg? So much thought-provocation, so late on a Sunday night.


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