i should tell you: Michael Logie of Die!Die!Die!

Well hello there, and welcome to chapter nine of I Should Tell You, where I talk about food with cool musicians who will answer my deeply earnest emails. The same three questions every time, just to see what happens. And oh, does stuff ever happen. In that I’ve somehow managed to get away with making this thing exist for so long now. I took a largely unnoticed break from posting the interviews over easter but am back for the winter, this week with Michael Logie of Die!Die!Die!

Once you’ve paused to reflect on how excellent their name is, you should definitely use your attention span to absorb their music, especially if you like it swift, loud, and just a little uncomfortable. Which I sometimes do. If you’ve never heard Die!Die!Die! before, I recommend Wasted Lands from their 2010 album Form, and Sideways Here We Come from their 2008 album Promises, Promises. Which I presume, (but don’t rule out entirely) has nothing to do with the 1968 musical of the same name starring old-timey Broadway hoofer Jerry Orbach.

They also have a new-ish album, Harmony, which you can listen to in its entirety or purchase for your own good times. And if you don’t completely hate everything about this so far, then I definitely recommend you try to catch them live: they’re amazing. Incredibly energetic, so loud it’ll make you cough blood, and every scratchy, sharp note from the recorded music translates beautifully to the stage.

This is their newest video, for Erase Waves. 

It was very late at night when I wrote this and something strange happened when I copy-pasted the interview over here, but I decided to keep the hinky formatting in for dramatic effect. Thanks for obliging, Michael! The interview begins…now.

Where’s somewhere you‘ve eaten that you kinda like to brag about or drop into conversation?

Heart attack grill in Las Vegas. 

Two people have died there.

What do you fix for yourself, or where do you go to eat, when it’s just you on your own?

There is this amazing Scottish restaurant we have in New Zealand, they serve all sorts of food from all around the world, but

mostly they serve these amazing German sandwiches called “Hamburgers” and these sides of french potato cutlets called 

“French Fries”. Anyway, if you are ever in New Zealand the place is “Mc Donalds”

and if im making something for myself? STEAK STEAK STEAK STEAK STEAK

What’s one of your favourite food memories from your childhood? 

I once went to a buffet and ate only pork, and then had a bowl of
whipped cream for dessert. I went to the bathroom and threw up very
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